What can I say, since moving the blog from b2evolution to WordPress (with the brilliant SpamKarma plugin) I’ve not seen any reduction in Spambot activity, just a complete wipeout of spam comments and trackbacks actually getting through…

  • Total Spam Caught: 2544 (average karma: -1643.84)
  • Total Comments Approved: 87 (average karma: 50.48)
  • Total Comments Moderated: 2

Says it all really – it had to check 2 comments with me before I rejected them, but on it’s own has wiped out 2544 spams since I updated the engine, and that’s only counting the spambots which are getting past BadBehaviour – which itself is stopping over 200 access attempts a week (see the page footer for the latest stats)


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. It is pretty darn sweet isn’t it? I haven’t used any other engine aside from WordPress, but from I’ve heard from other people that WP (combined with Askimet and/or SK) is one of the best when it comes to Spam control.

  2. I just wish I’d made the switch from B2evo a long time ago – WordPress is by far the better platform (I still use b2evo on another site – but there it’s used much more as a content management platform – and all the comment and trackback functionality is disabled in it)

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