Parking Extortion

It’s scary. the bus fares have gone up (again) – the parking’s gone up again – Cardiff is pricing itself out of the market (as far as I am concerned) for shopping…

Really, £3 return on the bus, £1.80 per hour to park in the city center, £3 for the park and ride (unless that’s gone up too) – that’s just extortion, and for me, living on the outskirts of the city, with Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway Mall only around 40 mins away, why would I go into Cardiff City Building Site to shop?

Well, at about £10 to get to Cribbs (including the tolls), and nearly £2 an hour to park in Cardiff, if I’m going to be spending more than a couple of hours in town, Bristol is the far more attractive option (plus, it doesn’t host major sporting events pretty much every weekend, there’s nothing quite like 72,000 football fans to make a shopping center unbearable)