United 93

Right, lets get this out of the way first, this is not an easy film to watch – reliving the events of 11th September 2001 will never be easy.

However this film focuses very tightly on the events surrounding UA93, which was the “fourth plane” the one that didn’t strike a major building, but came down in open countryside.

It’s a hard film to watch, it’s a emotive subject, and some say it has been made too early – I don’t believe that to be the case – it’s certainly to early for a film to focus on the events in New York – but this focuses on the events around that horrifc event, rather than the event itself.

It’s not a “fun” or “enjoyable” film, but it’s an important film, and one that is worth watching.

Lest we forget. Many many people lost their lives that day, and many millions will be touched forever.