The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift

When the third part of the Fast & Furious franchise decided to go all Japanese, and move from American street racing to Japanese Drifting, there was some hope, however, it’s a story between schoolkids with mafia connections, and the (minimal) plot is only really there to serve the driving scenes.

Yes, if you’re a petrolhead, it’s spectacular (I can think of a couple of my work colleagues who’ll like it a lot) but it relies too much on the cars, and not enough on the actors. There is no real connection (apart from a fairly brief cameo) to either of the first two films, but even then, the films falls flat during the final race, you know from the start who’se going to win…

Predicatable and Dull, but some eye-candy for the petrolheads who like their Japanese motors…


One thought on “The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift

  1. I saw the adverts for this one and the comment “Scraping the bottom of the barell” came into my head,granted that I like cars but couldnt justify a crap film beause the motors in it look nice.

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