Well, I’ve been ill since Saturday now, some kind of summer cold/flu thing – bad enough to keep me off work for a couple of days – just the usual sore throat, bunged up sinuses and headaches, but combined with my hay-fever, it’s been a very unpleasant few days, with only a couple of hours at a time where I’m properly awake – the rest of the time has pretty much been spent lying down with a thick/thumping head 😦

I’ve had to be careful, so that when I’ve had to go out (e.g. to the supermarket), it’s in the “window” when the medication is working, and I’m back home before I start feeling really bad again… but I’m slowly recovering…

I’m hoping to make it back into the office tomorrow… at least being off my food (to a degree) should be helping the latest attempt to lose weight!

(yes, this post is pretty much a blatent cry for sympathy…)


8 thoughts on “Sick

  1. You do have my sympathy. I got over a bad cold a few weeks ago and there is nothing worse. It sucks!

    Um… if it makes you feel any better, it looks like we find out about Torchwood this week!!

  2. Well, I’m back in work today – still a bit “under the weather” – but I’ll survive…

  3. The thumping head will give you many good memories of theme park trips!

    Torchwood….wasn’t it explained in the Queen Victoria episode, unlike Bad Wolf which wasn’t explained until the end? I never understood Bad Wolf though. I know the explanation is that Rose was the Bad Wolf and she sent the message herself back through time and space. But why? Why would seeing the phrase Bad Wolf in various places throughout her journeys give her the clue as to how to destroy the Daleks?? Think I’m missing something there!

  4. “Torchwood”

    Well, I agree that Bad Wold references was a bit of a lost cause on me too – but all the Torchwood references in this series have been to the organisation (and in the case of “Tooth and Claw” to it’s origins – “Torchwood House”) – references to the “Torchwood Institute”, the “Torchwood Files” etc. – nwo from the clips of this Saturdays’ episiode (and what I know of the spin-off series, not coincidentally called “Torchwood”) in the current time, Torchwood is a codename for a government department dealing in “alien and future technology” – and this department is the main location for the two-part finale of this series of Doctor Who.

  5. Queen Victoria established it to investigate and eradicate creatures such as the Doctor and Rose, as at the end of that programme she turned against them and found them evil. (Was it because the werewolf bit her?) So it’s a ‘quango’ set up some time ago, relentlessly pursuing its objective. So I see it that there’s no big secret about what it is, it’s just that there’s seemingly a big showdown in the next episode between Torchwood and the Doctor.

  6. PS. Bad Wolf reminds me of the pocket watch in “Somewhere in Time”. It just goes around in circles in time, it never started anywhere and it never ended anywhere, and just does my head in!

  7. Perhaps what I should have said was:

    “Instead of the odd name-dropping in each episode, we actually get to SEE Torchwood next week.”

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