Seed Watch

In the tradition of James’ series of “watches“, it’s time for one of my own – Seed Watch.

First a little bit of background (although I don’t talk about work normally, this is the background to this story) my employer has provided packets of seeds (I’m not going to try and explain why!)

My seeds have been planted in the garden, according to the instructions on the packet, and will get sunshine and water and we’ll all see how they develop and grow. I’m not posting a photo until there’s something to see, as a patch of dirt in a sunny corner of the garden doesn’t currently make for an interesting photo.

When things start to develop, there will be photographs, and we’ll start the “guess what’s growing” competition…


2 thoughts on “Seed Watch

  1. If that’s the best guess (or pun on the word “watch”) you can come up with – then no, you won’t win a prize…

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