So, a choice – on BBC2 at 8pm, we have Top Gear – with Richard Hammond (and the others) blowing up a caravan (come on with the boys going on a caravan holiday, you really didn’t think the caravan was going to survive the experience did you?)

On Sky One, we have series 4 of Brainiac, or Richard Hammond blowing up caravans in the name of science…. (although it has to be said, that Series three was a little light on the caravan destruction… hopefully that’ll be put right in series 4…)

Why is all this caravan destruction on 2 channels at the same time – two programmes which wage war on the caravans, you’ve got an entire week of schedules to pick from, why are they both on at 8pm on a Sunday? – we’ve gone 5 weeks without Top Gear, and nothing but blanket football coverage, why oh why can’t we have blanket caravan destruction! (at least both are repeated later in the week… good thing really, as I can only recieve one cable channel at a time)


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  1. Here’s a better view: Channel 181 and 182 on Sky, Mon, Weds, FRi at 6pm and Sun at 12.30pm – “The Caravan Channel” . . . you’ll love it!

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