Parkour, District 13, and Top Gear

Now, suddenly, it seems that the sport of Parkour (also known as Freerunning) has turned up a few times in the last few days, firstly, the spectacular film “District 13” (which, if you put up with the subtitles, boasts some amazing action), and then in the BBC’s Top Gear – which included a race between a Pug 207 and a couple of UK Freerunners

Amazing to see what these guys can do – even if that site does spoil the illusion, as the race apparrently took 4 days to film… not the 30 or so minutes that are supposed to have elapsed. It’s still spectacular


One thought on “Parkour, District 13, and Top Gear

  1. Been a fan of freerunning for ages, can’t wait for the Playstation game.

    I think it was obvious that they couldn’t possibly have got those shots in the 30 minutes it took the race to elapse, but with Top Gear, the beauty of the shots make it all irrelevant.

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