The M4 – most dangerous?

An article on ICWales today highlighting the fact that the M4 in Wales is the most dangerous stretch of road in the UK for “tailgating”.

Now, Tailgating (the act of not leaving a sufficient gap between your car and the one in front) is indeed dangerous, but the article neglects to note the causes of tailgating, often BMW drivers who want to be driving at 30 over the limit trying to “barge” their way past people who are legitimately overtaking a slower vehicle at the speed limit, of course, the vehicle being overtaken is often sitting in the middle lane at 60mph while there is nothing in the left lane…

The police should get out from behind their speed cameras, get back to patrolling the road, and pull-over the middle lane hoggers and tailgaters. Make blatent “lane hogging” a pointable offence and conditions on the UK’s motorways should improve dramatically.