CityLink Changes for the Worse.

I occasionally recieve packages from various companies who use Initial CityLink for deliveries – and recently their service has taken a turn for the worse.

Todays package (a pack of blank CD’s) was “delivered” by throwing it over the back gate and forging my signature on the proof of delivery (see below). I attempted to call the local depot to complain, and spent over half an hour on a national rate number waiting for someone to answer the phone before I gave up.

This is what appears on their “track and trace” page:

  Current Status:     These goods have been successfully delivered.  

Customer Reference: Scheduled Delivery Date: 01/08/06
POD Date: 01/08/06 POD Time: 13:30
POD Signature: MARSHELL  

As you can see, the package was delivered, and “signed for” by someone called “MARSHELL”. This is not service – this is the kind of poor service that will see me taking my business elsewhere – and unfortunately, the incompetence of CityLink means I will no longer be able to purchase from any company that uses them for deliveries again.

This is not the quality of service I expect from them. It used to be the case that they’d leave a card, with the depot’s real phone number on it so you could arrange collection or re-delivery. Now they leave a card with a central phone number, on which it is impossible to reach a human being.

Their customer services at head office were very apologetic – and I await an explanation – hopefully this was a “glitch” and isn’t indicitive of a change in their processes.

Update: 4/8/06
This morning I had a phone call from the retailer, and they passed on a formal apology from CityLink who admitted that their procedures weren’t followed and apologised.

As far as I am concerned the matter is closed, and I have to applaud both CityLink and Scan Electronics customer services departments for their prompt approach to dealing with this matter.


4 thoughts on “CityLink Changes for the Worse.

  1. out-flippin-rageous. can’t believe the idiot who did that thought they’d get away with it?!

    sounds like a one-off though, citylink have been good for me in the past.

  2. I expect it was just a one-off, as the head-office customer services people were very apologetic, explained that my local depot had staff problems, and were using “contract” drivers on some routes – who may not have the same level of training and experience as the companies “employed” drivers.

  3. I’ve added an update above, as I have now had an apology from CityLink (via the retailer) – and throughout this, the retailer’s customer service has been faultless.

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