Button Pushing

jenson.jpgWhat a race – the Hungarian Grand Prix – a race of firsts…

  • First Wet Hungarian Grand Prix
  • First wet race this season
  • First retirement this year for Alonso

An amazing performance, going from 14th on the grid to the chequered flag, Jenson did it, did everything right, and now has his first Grand Prix win!

(Full result here on Blog F1)


One thought on “Button Pushing

  1. Thanks for the link, and what a fantastic race it was, irregardless (but all the more sweet) that Button won!

    You know, when I post my ‘Post-Race’ articles, I always try to get the result up ASAP. This usually entails starting it about 10 laps from the end unless the final 10 laps are amazing. I started about 5 laps from the chequered flag this time, and even then I had one eye fixed on the TV! Anyway, my point is that after getting the result up, I then begin typing up the Race Report, all the time trying to think of a catchy headline. Usually I can’t, so it remains boring. And today, with all the potential uses of the word Button and Hungary/Hungry, I still couldn’t think of one. A quick check of my email though made me realise a cracker – “Button Pushing”. Nice one Tom, I think only The Sun will eclipse you tomorrow with some uber-witty line! 😉

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