Snakes in the Cinema

It was only a matter of time…



2 thoughts on “Snakes in the Cinema

  1. What concerns me the most is the following from the BBC article:

    The film, starring Samuel L Jackson, has topped the US and UK box office charts on its opening weekend.

    Admitedly, I haven’t seen it, but the trailers looked rediculous. Seriously, people, the cinema costs me just over £6.00, and I for one want to see a decent film that justifies using the cinema.

    Oh, and while in a grumpy mood:

    The action film earned a cult following thanks to a wealth of blogs, comedy sketches…

    Erm, Withnail & I is a cult film, and The Wicker Man is a cult film. S.O.A.P. (I just realised that!) is not a cult film. I ain’t no expert, but surely it has to be at least 10 years before cult status? Not 10 minutes!

  2. To add a few arguably cult movies:
    The Blues BrothersRocky Horror Picture ShowThe Sound of Music
    As you say, a film has to have been out for a while, and built up a “following” (including in some cases special showings of the film where the viewers come in fancy dress)

    For a film to be pushed as “cult” before it’s even been released (although SOAP is now out in cinemas, I’ve yet to see it, but thanks to Cineworld’s “Unlimited” offer, I probably will – keep an eye on the sidebar for what I thought of it when I do)

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