Not sure I like this – a Wiki based on the idea of trawling the net for “about” pages on websites and reproducing them.

Why, I don’t know (other than advertising revenue).

As content on this site is considered copyright, I’ve removed the text they’ve posted about my domains, and replaced with a message stating that my content is mine.

I’d suggest others do the same. Especially as it’s come to my attention that they are showing some postal addresses and phone numbers for domain owners. (I’d guess from Whois records) If you own a website (or several) I suggest you check your page and remove any personal information that they’ve lifted…

I’m not linking to them, as I don’t want to push their google rank any further, however I will be visiting every so often to ensure my copyrighted information hasn’t reappeared.

More info: http://ajaydsouza.com/archives/2006/08/25/aboutusorg-is-it-ethical/

Oh, if I can figure out their IP or their bot’s connection string, I will block it at the server. If anyone already has this, please get in touch.

Their website is on – so block that IP to start with by adding this line to your htaccess file (on apache) – have yet to establish if the bot is on the same IP, but it’s somewhere to start

deny from

I’d recommend that if your domain isn’t already on there, create a record for it, then clear the text. If you set up a user on the site, you can create a “watchlist” of domains you want to keep an eye on for changes. Use this feature to protect yourself further. You shouldn’t have to – but if you do check back from time to time, you can keep an eye on what they’re posting about you.