Gas. You’d think it was gold.

I’ve just been hit where it hurts (my wallet) by the latest round of prices rises in the UK Energy market.

Thanks to my supplier not adjusting my payments last time round (despite telling me they would write to me if my existing direct debit wouldn’t cover the increases, it didn’t and neither did they…), my payments have shot up by over 100% – thats right, more than doubled.

However, I’ve now signed onto a dual-fuel fixed price tarrif (on top of which are the payments for my existing balance for the first year) – so it’ll drop by about £20 a month this time next year once I’ve cleared the outstanding balance

That’s my bonus gone for this year anyway. 😦

(oh, and for the Americans, I’m talking about the kind of gas you use to cook food and heat your house, not run your car..)

Story on BBC News