I’m looking for a new RSS reader

I’m looking for a new RSS reader – bloglines seems to be getting less and less reliable (for example, feeds not showing as updated when they are – I’ve not been getting the BBC News feeds for example)

I’m looking for an RSS reader which is web-based, rather than a client on a PC – so I can keep up to date without having to “synchronise” – just log on.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


8 thoughts on “I’m looking for a new RSS reader

  1. Newshutch is a nice simple online RSS reader:

    Now when I say simple, I mean very simple, don’t expect many features besides being able to read your feeds organized by folder.

    News Alloy is at the opposite end of the scale a feature heavy Ajax driven aggregator that has all the bells and whistles you ccould possibly want, although all thoughs features do impact performace a little:

    I’m not sure that I’d give either of them the thumbs up, as I still prefer a PC based reader.

    You can also find a list of available online RSS Readers here:

  2. Thanks for the tips there Paul. I’m currently looking hard at NewsGator as it has both a web-interface and a Windows client – best of both worlds.

    I did used to use Thunderbird, but having 2 sets of feeds (one at the office, one in the house) was a pain. Web based (or at least, web synchronised) readers mean I can pick up my feeds whereever I am, my house, my parents, the office…

    I’ll take a look at those those links though!

  3. Thanks guys – I’m trying newsgator for the 30 day trial – and so far getting on pretty well with it. I might look around again after the 30 days are up.

  4. I used to use Newsgator, but gave up on it a little while ago. It still feels very much a work in progress – the web and Outlook versions constantly got out of sync for me, subscribed feeds would randomly disappear or just refuse to update. Despite trying all the various combos of update and de-dup settings, after using it a few weeks old posts would re-appear as new ones.

  5. I think that for now I’m pretty much settled on using Newsgator in “web” mode – without either the windows or Outlook client. It’s still better than Bloglines was when I decided to switch.

  6. A few days after I posted this – Google Reader got a significant update, and I’m giving it a try for a bit to see how it goes – it’s certainly quicker than Newsgator is…

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