Steve Irwin

As is now well known, the famous Austrailian naturalist and explorer Steve Irwin was tragically killed by a stingray while filming for his TV series. Obviously this is a tragic loss for his family and fans alike – and he will no doubt be sorely missed.

However, the debate currently going on seems to be “should the tape be aired”.

I can’t beleive that anyone (outside of the marine science community, for whom there could be some interest in seeing how the ray defended itself) could be interested in viewing footage of a well known and respected man meeting a grisly end.

There is of course the consideration of the pain and misery that this video being “out there” will cause his wife and kids – ‘cos once something is broadcast, someone will record it and no doubt post it on the internet. The video will then never go away.

So here’s the question – would you want to see the tape, and if so, please explain why

The discussion and arguments are posted on the BBC News site