Chainsaw Spam!

I got a very interesting piece of “spam” through my contact form today – which despite it’s bad english, appears to be a request for me to supply them with 800 chainsaws a month.

What about this website could possible make them think I am a supplier of arborial maintenance equipment??

Dear sir,
Our company is a commercial collective division rewarding corporative qualification in Hangzhou . Now ,we have an order of chain saw . We are looking for the factory who can supply the production.Through the internet we know that your factory can supply the goods we need. The following cooperation items are E-mail to your company. Please calculate it carefully in order to negotiate it

Name of products: chain saw
Quantity: 4,000pieces

The details as follows:
I.Your company give us the price on FOB
II. Packing: as to the sellers option
III.The pattern must reach the international standard.
.Time limit for a project: 5 months (800pieces/month)
.We hope that if you can process ,please send us catalogue of chain saws(such as type,power,unit price,picture of each type ,etc) ,factory address ,contact phone , linkman, mobile phone number to our company as soon as possible in order to have a good decision-making , if there is another un-detailed question ,we will solve further in the contract and discuss face to face .

We are looking forward to have a successful cooperation.

I mean, really… I’ll admit now, I do not have a factory, let alone one capable of producing 800 chainsaws a month… the only reference anywhere to chainsaws is in yesterday’s post about the damage to the Cyclone coaster at pleasureland… needless to say, I won’t be replying to that mail…