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Book Meme!

It’s a Meme! Yes, I’ve been tagged for a meme by Chris over at “Work up this Morning”.. it’s been a while since I’ve been tagged for one of these, so I thought I’d give it a go anyway!

1. One book that changed your life – the hardest question first.
Indeed this is the hardest question. I don’t think there’s a book that’s “changed my life” per-se

2. One book that you’ve read more than once.
I read most of my books more than once – but one that stands out is “Mouse Tales” – the story of the early years at Disneyland, written without the usual Disney censorship!

3. One book that you’d want on a desert island.
Boat Building – A Complete handbook of wooden boat construction – pretty obvious choice really…

4. One book that made you laugh.
Incompetence by Rob Grant – a story set in the United States of Europe in the near future. A future where being incompetent is no grounds for a sacking… twisted, dark and very funny.

5. One book that made you cry.
I can’t think of a book that’s moved me to tears.

6. One book that you wish you had written.
Actually, I don’t – I’m not much of a writer (which does beg the question, why do I blog?)

7. One book you wish had never been written.
Can’t say just one here – but all the “religious” books have caused more conflict and war over the centuries than anything else. So much harm is done in the name of religion. Just to be clear, I’m not putting down anyone’s beliefs here – I personally believe that people should be able to make up their own minds on the existance (or otherwise) of a supernatural entity, be it some kind of God personified, or just a “force” in the universe – however so much harm has been done in the name of religion, whether or not it agreed with the teachings or beliefs of the majority of followers.

8. One book that you are reading at the moment.
The World According to Clarkson – although my current read is always over there in the sidebar. Other books I’m reading (although admittedly not for pleasure) are VB.Net for Programmers, and the PHP Developers Cookbook.

9. One book that you’ve been meaning to read.
Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. I’ve seen the DVD, and his “Are you Dave Gorman?” was brilliant.

10. Five others that you’d like to do this.
Five is a bit of a challenge here, especially as Chris has already tagged Ollie! – I’ll just put one name here – James (although obviously any others are welcome to join in and link back here)


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