First Sighting

I could not believe my eyes.

I walked into my local branch of Woolworths this afternoon, to find that not only did they have Christmas stuff out on display for retail – but they had actually started the process of decorating the store – with fully decorated Christmas Trees mounted on top of the shelving.

Good grief. Selling Christmas stuff in October is bad enough – but having the sheer audacity to actually put the decorations up is just ridiculous!

Woolworths – listen up – CHRISTMAS IS NOT IN OCTOBER.


6 thoughts on “First Sighting

  1. I doubt Woolies was the first, IKEA started selling theirs about 3 weeks ago…..

    I feel the same way, christmas is in december.

  2. Pete, I know the likes of Ikea and Tesco have been sellign stuff for months – however Woolworths have actually put the decorations up “generally” around the store – not just on the shelves selling decorations – but everywhere

    At least in IKEA here in Cardiff, the decorations are only “up” alongside the sections where the decorations are available to purchase.

  3. I was in the local newsagents yesterday and spotted Christmas decorations in their Bargain Sale bin.

    Does that count as selling decorations early, or have they just been in there since January?

  4. There’s some confusion here I think – this is not about shops *selling* decorations (which many places have been doing since August) – this is about having them hanging from the cieling to make the store look festive.

    Boots have now followed Woolworths lead, complete with twinkling lights and holly garlands strung across the store.

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