[inspic=254,right,fullscreen,thumb]Finally it’s arrived, the Doctor Who spin-off show “Torchwood” – and it’s no kiddie show, with CSI style aerial photography over the city (which is subtley referenced by one of the cast who mentions that they’d love to see a “CSI: Cardiff“) much nastier and darker plots and much more adult themes intertwined.

As yet we don’t know the significance of the severed hand in a jar that Jack keeps in the Torchwood Hub.

I kinda liked it, but I think it’s gonna take a few episodes to “get going”. However the production is very slick and very “American” looking.

As for the set design, keeping the Millennium Plaza fountain under which the hub is located running on downwards through the Torchwood complex was a stroke of genius, and locks the location of the Torchwood Hub very precisely.