Delicious or Music

I’ve replaced the “Last Music” block at the bottom of the page with my “recently tagged in Delicious” list – I’m not sure if it’s any more interesting however…

For those who are interested, the music list is available from my Last.FM Profile Page

Also, if you’re a Delicious user, why not add me to your network.


2 thoughts on “Delicious or Music

  1. for me – I like seeing what other people like and I’m integrating this into version whatever of my site. Oddly, I downloaded a Pull-quote plugin today and it works a treat. Loving the new look by the way, ’tis bold, ’tis bright and ’tis straight-forward. Too many ’tis’s, I know.

  2. I’ve only recently started using as I found keeping track of those “useful articles” and the like on the net was a bit of a pain without some kind of indexing service – fits the bill for me…

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