My first plugin.

I've written my first WordPress Plugin – a little gadget that allows readers who are regular commenter's on the site to create an avatar of themselves which will appear when they post a comment.

It's not quite tidy enough to release for other sites to use – there's some extra work to do on the avatar management screens, and it needs to be modified so that there are some options (things like the size of the avatar, and the number of posts before a user is considered a "regular") – but on this site, if you've posted more than 10 comments before, you'll see a link under the comments posting box where you can create or manage your avatar.


6 thoughts on “My first plugin.

  1. 48×48 pixels is the size being used here – anything bigger will be resized to fit – so it’s best to create your own image at that size before you upload.

  2. Oh, and expect the avatars to vanish and reappear if I’m working on the plugin – I’ve got an idea to solve the problem of images being cached by your browser, so if you change the image it may not change without a full refresh.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I have been looking for a plugin that allows commenter to create their own avatar. Is there any chance that I could try out your plugin? It would be greatly appreciated.



  4. The plugin isn’t ready for release yet – unfortunately I’ve not had time to work on it.

    Sorry folks – it’s just taking a while…

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