Begging with Menaces

Well, it's that day again – when gangs of children, dressed up as ghosts, witches, wizards, and characters out of horror movies go on the rampage terrorising innocent householders with threats of "tricks" (more likely, vandalism and criminal damage than any "trick") if they don't get the "treats" they demand.

There are 2 "classes" of kids here – the "little" kids with their parents a short way away keeping a watchful eye, and the gangs of teenagers out to cause trouble using Halloween as an excuse.  The first, I don't mind so much, it's the second that make people scared in their own homes.

This is one American holiday we shouldn't have imported and turned into something really evil.  Ollie wrote a nice piece last year, and I agree with him wholehartedly.  In fact, this post is just a shorter version of the one I wrote on the same subject in 2004.

The only difference is that this year the Police in Cardiff are apparently taking a hard line – so we might actually see them patrolling the streets looking for kids making trouble. 


3 thoughts on “Begging with Menaces

  1. I’d forgotten all about that post – I like the way it managed to descend into a UK vs. US discussion, and then on to beer!

    I hope Cardiff police follow up their talk with action and deal with any troublesome youths in your neck of the woods.

  2. Hi

    Luckily we did not have anyone knock on the door it is the only night of the year we sit in complete darkness and pretend that we are not in.

    The only people we saw about were little kids with there parents but around here its just not a big thing.

    What I do tend to notice is adverts on TV from supermarkets saying why not have a party and buy your kids something special for the occasion. You can now buy happy Halloween cards. Talk about cashing in on more expense that your kids will scream I WANT! While jumping up and down in a Bunny costume. No Thanks!

  3. Although I’m a web developer/programmer, the building I work is also a working television studio from where, among other programmes, two live magazine programmes are made each day. (3-4pm and 7-7:30pm on S4C). These programmes use the large glass front of the studio (it used to be a Tesco superstore!) as a backdrop for this programme through which you can see the bustle of life carrying on outside. – the workmen have now gone away.

    At around 6:15pm a lot of shouting and screaming could be heard through the window followed by a crowd of kids running past it. A couple of minutes later I found out what it was about – they’d “egged” the studio window. No trick or treat – just trick. At the time however the studio was just being set up for the 7pm show so wasn’t live – the idiots didn’t realise that their prank had mis-fired.

    However, I suspect they came back as, although the windows were immediately cleaned for the live broadcast, there was more egg on them the following morning. I checked the show (it’s available on the web from S4C’s web site) and there was no evidence of it happening there.

    So, in this case, I wouldn’t even class this as a trick or treat as an attempt at bargaining wasn’t even made. This was an act of vandalism done in the name of Halloween.

    Many people in my current church don’t allow their children to go out on Halloween. In fact, a special party was arranged on the evening so that the kids didn’t feel as if they were missing out on anything.

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