Begging with Menaces

Well, it's that day again – when gangs of children, dressed up as ghosts, witches, wizards, and characters out of horror movies go on the rampage terrorising innocent householders with threats of "tricks" (more likely, vandalism and criminal damage than any "trick") if they don't get the "treats" they demand.

There are 2 "classes" of kids here – the "little" kids with their parents a short way away keeping a watchful eye, and the gangs of teenagers out to cause trouble using Halloween as an excuse.  The first, I don't mind so much, it's the second that make people scared in their own homes.

This is one American holiday we shouldn't have imported and turned into something really evil.  Ollie wrote a nice piece last year, and I agree with him wholehartedly.  In fact, this post is just a shorter version of the one I wrote on the same subject in 2004.

The only difference is that this year the Police in Cardiff are apparently taking a hard line – so we might actually see them patrolling the streets looking for kids making trouble.