I walked out of Borat.

It’s very rare me to walk out of a movie.

However the utterly dreadful “Borat” earns that dubious honour. I’ll admit, I probably don’t get the joke, as everyone else in the cinema seemed to be howling with laughter as two (already established) homophobic male characters wrestled naked on a hotel bed (whilst smashing the room up in the process) – but I just don’t find it funny. Nor did I find the incredible levels of racism acceptable (yes, I understand it’s a joke) nor the scatological humour, or the polite American hostess explaining to Borat how to use a toilet.

It’s an 84 minute film that’s 83 minutes too long (timings taken from the IMDB, I walked out at around the 40 minute mark). The character and jokes may work as a 30 second TV sketch, but not a near 90 minute movie.

Utterly dreadful.