Sweet 16

Yes, today the web itself is 16.  Now, I don't mean the Internet, that's a lot older, I mean the web – pages viewed in a "browser" over the http protocol.

Born in 1990 it was there to make sharing of research material easy – who could have guessed that some 16 years later it would be the behemoth it is today! 

In December 1992 there were some 26 "reliable" servers on the web, and it was the release of Mosaic in September 1993 when I got my first view of the Web.  My first website wasn't far behind, by the end of 1994 I had a single page to call my own on the Swansea University Computer Society server (which was then moved to when I graduated)  I was there pretty early on in the scheme of things! 

The earlies entry in the wayback machine I can find for any of my sites is this one from 1996: when the site moved again to my ISP's web hosting page – back when Demon Internet first gave customers web space with their dial-up accounts.  14400 bps seemed so quick back then!

The first actual archived version of my page is from 1997 – the site then evolved into Coaster Country, Adrenaline Rush (quite a few different designs of that one) and now TVOTW.

(Thanks to Slashdot for the link to The History Of the WWW)


2 thoughts on “Sweet 16

  1. At last, the internet is legal…
    …How you doin’? 😉
    Thanks for the insightfulness. It was good to see some archive ‘footage’ of Tom Marshall and the internet as it was known in the olden days…

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