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His name is Bond…

Well, after the last incarnation of Bond, with it's invisible cars and gadgets, gadges, gadgets galore, the latest incarnation of the bond franchise is much much much (much?) better.

The gadgets are few and far between, the technology much more believable (even if the film is quite clearly sponsored by Sony… they've been very careful to make sure you can see the Sony or SonyEricsson logo on most of the technology that's showcased in the film)

However, put that aside, and you have a much more character driven action movie, with twists and turns galore (and that's not just Bond in his Aston) – they've done away with the gimmicks, and a lot of the innuendo, to leave a much more modern, gritty action movie – yes, the set pieces are very well done, yes, there's some amazing chases sequences (including one fairly early on set on a building site) and yes, it's definitely Bond, but it's a Bond for the new millennium.  Daniel Craig very much does the character justice with a solid performance.

A simply fantastic action movie. 


2 thoughts on “His name is Bond…

  1. Agreed, A good film and one worthy of watching a second time and my first “cinema” bond as I haven’t seen any of the other films at the cinema before.

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