New Year, New Tolls

Well, it’s approaching the time of year when the powers-that-be increase the toll to get into Wales over the Severn Bridge. For 2006 the toll has been £4.90 – so naturally I expected the toll to increase to a nice round £5 for 2007.

But that would be far too obvious… there I was hoping for a year when the toll was a nice round number…

No, they’re putting it up to £5.10.

Why? Why £5.10, not £5.

Well, according the website, the 20p increase is “in line with Retail Price Inflation”…


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Tolls

  1. Another reason not to go to Wales 😉 (joke). We have a toll bridge in Southampton that crosses the River Itchen. When it was constructed in 1977, residents were told the toll would only exist until the bridge had been paid for (all £5.7m). I think now would be a good time to drop the toll – greedy City Council! Still, can’t complain as it costs you almost ten times that just to get home!

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