Christmas Shopping Online…

CNET is reporting that Shoppers are favouring online shopping in the run up to Christmas…

Another no-brainer really – let’s compare shall we…

Offline Shopping

  • Pick the only available day in the run up to Christmas when you’re not working and there’s not a major sporting event on at the Millennium Stadium.
  • Drive into Town and Park’n’Ride (£3), or pay to park in an extortionate carpark (if there’s any spaces left)
  • Battle crowds of rude people, all annoyed and stressed by having to shop in a crowded busy centre on a Saturday.
  • Battle crowds of carol singers and brass bands, fairground rides and phone cover/hotdog/scarf/flag sales carts etc which are blocking the already limited pedestrian areas.
  • Walk into a shop, fight you way through hordes of people who for some reason have brought small children with them, who are screaming
  • Queue for 15 minutes to get the tills
  • Finally pay
  • Repeat several times
  • Try to find somewhere to buy something to eat or drink which doesn’t have a line out of the door
  • Struggle back through the crowds with your shopping to your car
  • Pay nearly £2 an hour for the time spent in town
  • Get home exhausted, fed up and miserable

OnLine Shopping

  • Sit at home with a nice warm drink
  • Browse websites at leisure
  • Select gifts, pay for and arrange delivery (often directly to the recipient’s home address)
  • Turn off computer and go do something relaxing

Why would anyone who has the choice do their Christmas shopping off-line.