Christmas Shopping Online…

CNET is reporting that Shoppers are favouring online shopping in the run up to Christmas…

Another no-brainer really – let’s compare shall we…

Offline Shopping

  • Pick the only available day in the run up to Christmas when you’re not working and there’s not a major sporting event on at the Millennium Stadium.
  • Drive into Town and Park’n’Ride (£3), or pay to park in an extortionate carpark (if there’s any spaces left)
  • Battle crowds of rude people, all annoyed and stressed by having to shop in a crowded busy centre on a Saturday.
  • Battle crowds of carol singers and brass bands, fairground rides and phone cover/hotdog/scarf/flag sales carts etc which are blocking the already limited pedestrian areas.
  • Walk into a shop, fight you way through hordes of people who for some reason have brought small children with them, who are screaming
  • Queue for 15 minutes to get the tills
  • Finally pay
  • Repeat several times
  • Try to find somewhere to buy something to eat or drink which doesn’t have a line out of the door
  • Struggle back through the crowds with your shopping to your car
  • Pay nearly £2 an hour for the time spent in town
  • Get home exhausted, fed up and miserable

OnLine Shopping

  • Sit at home with a nice warm drink
  • Browse websites at leisure
  • Select gifts, pay for and arrange delivery (often directly to the recipient’s home address)
  • Turn off computer and go do something relaxing

Why would anyone who has the choice do their Christmas shopping off-line.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Online…

  1. bah humbug!

    i enjoy the wandering round shops to a point, i’m going into town tonight in fact to see the lights and have a looksee.

    That said I will then do 90% of my shopping online.

  2. Evenings will likely be better than Saturdays – and you’ll have the lights and atmosphere (hopefully).

    Good luck to you!

  3. “often directly to the recipient’s home address” – how special your friends and family must feel when they recieve Christmas presents three weeks early from Amazon.

    Still, at least you can sit at home and be a miserable sod on the 25th…

  4. Dave – that’s really for the people I’d post the gift to anyway (and I’d never leave posting something for Christmas later than the 15th in the hands of the Royal Mail…) – folks I actually see over Christmas, I’ll hand gifts to in person!

    I’m not as miserable as you make me out to be – honest!

  5. In the right place, and at the right time, there’s nothing wrong with fairground rides at all, however in the middle of a already fairly narrow pedestrian shopping street on the busiest shopping weekend in the run up to Christmas, they, along with all the other obstructions (ranging from the aforementioned sales carts, marching bands, human statues, credit-card sellers, chuggers (charity muggers who try to get you to sign up to donate by direct debit) just get in the way of the clean flow of thousands of stressed and miserable people just trying to do their Christmas shopping without getting ripped off by Cardiff council’s car parking charges.

  6. I hate christmas shopping and do all mine online, I would rather spend more time enjoying my free time rather than having my ancles shredded by angry mothers with push chairs.
    Some may as well attach a snow plow to the front of them!

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