A Super Special Evening

[inspic=257,right,fullscreen,thumb]Last night was the 2006 WRC Wales Rally GB Super Special Stage 13 (which I’m not going to type again – so let’s just call it SS13)

A full evening of high-octane entertainment, consisting of about an hour of WRC action in the stage, followed by the MPH show, then more rally action to end the day.

The MPH show consistent of a number of “challenges” between 2 celebrity teams, including car football (as seen on Top Gear a couple of years ago) and “car Rugby” which involved an air-ram launcher, a small car and a set of Rugby posts. Unfortunately, the photos of that didn’t come out šŸ˜¦

All in all, the addition of the MPH show was an improvement on last year, and I for one am looking forward to repeating this again in 2007.

A gallery of pictures can be found here
Full stage results are here



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