Budget = Tax

So, it’s budget time in the UK again, and at this time of seasonal fun and a tradition of giving, it is of course the downtrodden motorist who’se going to be doing the giving…

1.25p on a litre of fuel – just when prices started falling from the oil price changes too.

Of course, the inflation targets are heading the right way (as long as you don’t count the cost of domestic heating…) – and of course the government is still looking for more ways to tax the public… Road Charging, oh yes, that’s a good one – especially as we can fleece motorists by not providing viable alternative public transport…

Hey, Mr Brown, how about the Government gives us something for our money other than a war the public generally doesn’t support, roads full of potholes, ID cards which nobody wants, a rail system that barely gets from A to B, and an NHS with enormous waiting lists?

Hey Labour – Start listening, or don’t be surprised come the elections…


4 thoughts on “Budget = Tax

  1. Joyous, another penny and a bit on fuel. I know it’s not the end of the world but it mounts up over hundreds of tanks of motion lotion.

  2. Yeah, and I’ll bet most stations will round it up to 2p on a litre… I topped up the tank this evening, I know it’s not much, but it’s a few pence that the Government aren’t getting off me…

  3. Some points.

    I don’t disagree with the war.
    My road just got resurfaced.
    I think ID cards are a good thing.
    NHS waiting lists are falling rapidly to be fair.

    Can’t argue with the rail however 🙂

  4. I’ve posted my opinions on the Iraq war before (and I know people like you Dave disagree with them) – our troops followed the Americans in, without sanction from the UN, based on inaccurate intelligence (WMD’s being deployed in 45 mintues against European targets) – and when they totally failed to find any trace of the WMD’s the governments of the USA and UK had to find a new excuse to have thousands of troops running around a small, oil-rich middle eastern state.

    They did not go into liberate Iraq from it’s oppressive leadership. That may have been the end result (and I’m not saying catching Saddam and bringing him to trail for his actions was a bad thing to do, what was done to the Kurds (amongst others) under his leadership was nothing short of genocide) – but the invasion was justified under false pretenses, and has torn a country apart.

    I don’t see why the Government needs to spend millions of pounds on an ID card scheme, when the majority of people in the UK already have suitable “ID Cards” in the form of passports or photocard driving licenses. It’s just another card to carry which brings no benefit to the majority of the UK, but we will be charged for the privalidge of obtaining.

    As for NHS waiting lists, are they actually “falling” or are NHS trusts and GP’s just finding ways to not report figures accurately by manipulating the definition of a waiting list – so if you’re referred to the hospital, but can’t get an appointment, you’re not actually on the waiting list…

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