Pimp My House 2006!

Yes, move movies of computer controlled Christmas Lights… (and no, they don’t all use the “Wizards In Winter” music – although it is a popular choice…)

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without the original Pimped House doing something else…

Carson Williams, the creator of the house featured last year has now discontuned the show, after a traffic accident caused by the congestion of the queues of people wanting to see his show for themselves… (full story) – however he has now “gone pro” and has been involved with the Festival of Mason instead.

but to finish, here’s a much better quality version of Carson Williams’ house doing “Wizards”…

For a whole additional set of videos see this site


2 thoughts on “Pimp My House 2006!

  1. The challenge in all this is finding ones which are both on par with Carson’s house, and are worth posting for their uniqueness (i.e. not using “Wizards In Winter” as the soundtrack 😉 )

    The biggest problem is a lot of the videos that are out there on Google Video or YouTube are (by their very nature) shot in low light conditions on handheld cameras… and often aren’t particularly watchable.

    We’ll see if there’s a Pimp My House 2007 post next year, but for now, enjoy this years collection!

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