A tale of four airports

This is the first of a couple of posts relating to the Funderland Dublin trip. We’d been planning this weekend in Dublin, pretty much since the last one – however this is not the post about the fair… that will come later.

This post relates to the fact that our schedule had us (well, James and myself anyway) flying from Bristol to Dublin on Friday 5th and returning today…

Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with Bristol’s runway in wet weather… this problem resulted in our outbound Aer Lingus flight being cancelled. After we’d already checked in. And gone “airside”…

We only knew this ‘cos we spotted it on one of the screens, there was no announcement about it, no-one from Aer Lingus attempted to inform us – we had to go hunting for information.

Eventually our 1445 flight from Bristol was confirmed as being replaced by an 1845 flight. From Heathrow. About 150 miles away. So 3 hours on a coach later (including a frankly brilliant announcement from the driver, who very much got into the spirit of the event), we are promptly de-coached at Arrivals…

This is your captain speaking, thank you for joining this service travelling to London Heathrow today. We will be cruising at an average speed of 62 miles per hour at an altitude of approximately 6 and a half feet. Once we’re outside the 3 mile perimiter, I’ll be turning the autopilot on, and will come round with the duty free

Having muddled our way round to Departures, with noone from Aer Lingus at all around to tell us where to go and exactly what to do with our useless Bristol Airport boarding passes, we finally checked in for our flight.

Of course, the stories of planes “skating across” Bristol’s runway did not leave us feeling confident about our return journey either – however that was also cancelled (which when we went to the Aer Lingus information desk at Dublin airport this morning came as a surprise to them – they didn’t know the big departures display said that!) – it was not cancelled, despite what the screens were saying – it had been rerouted. To Cardiff. Where I live. So we flew to Cardiff, got a chartered coach to Bristol, I then collected my car, and drove back again.


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