Car Troubles

Yes, today my car is back in the garage again for another repair under the guarantee…

I have so much sympathy for this guy – who wants to crush his 307 – mine hasn’t had half the problems he’s had, and I’m fed up with the car, and the dealer too…

In the last year, I’ve had a small number of electrical faults – which have taken repeat visits to the dealer to fix – in most cases, the fault reoccured before I even drove off, and I was able to walk back into the service reception and book it back in for another repair.

The most annoying problem was in the spring of 2006, when there was a fault with the electric windows, which resulted in a window opening automatically when the car was locked with the central locking. This took 4 dealer visits to sort out. After the 4th visit, it became apparent that they’d broken the wing mirror adjusters while fixing the window controls – a 5th visit was required to put that right…

Now, since suffering a flat battery in December, it’s been in twice more, once to fix a set of electrical problems which occured after the battery died, and today, to fix the same fault again, as they failed to fix it last week, despite telling me that they had.

In fact, there are several other websites devoted to how rubbish Peugeot cars are – not least the fact that the 307 was second-last in the Top Gear survey for 2005… a position it rightly deserves, only beaten to last place by the 807, which itself has a website devoted to it’s faults too.

Apparently I’ve been lucky, and haven’t had the car try to kill me by shutting down the engine at speed, or the flywheel disintegrate… I have had a dashboard failure, but only once, and it rectified itself – but for a while the fuel guage was reading double the amount of fuel actually in the car…

Other 307 websites: (this guy has also had dealings with my local dealer in Cardiff)

And the worst thing, the dealership is expecting to to part ex my lemon of a friday-afternoon car (their words!) for another Pug. I don’t think so…

Time to buy something else


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  1. French cars seem to all be the same, Citreon (part of Peugeot) are plagued with problems, thankfully renault aren’t following suit. I can highly reccomend Ford cars, I have had one for 2 years and never had a mechanical fault the parents have always had them.

  2. Never owned a Peugeot, but I have heard similar stories from other people as well as you – I certainly sympathise.

    Honda were always good to me, and nothing (seriously, nothing) went wrong with the Jazz I used to drive. The Volkswagon group also make well-built motors. I had a small issue with the rear screen wash on my ’03 Audi, but they booked me in a time that suited me, fixed it within half an hour and kept giving me coffee and cake while I waited at the dealer. Although, if it were my own money, I’d go for a VW as they’re a bit cheaper than Audi, but pretty much the same car.

  3. Just been reading the forums on Marks website, and they reminded me of 2 other problems I’d had, and forgotten about (both fixed with BSI reloads) – the digital oil level indicator not working, and the service interval countdown running fast…

    Plus of course, I’m not the only one with the problem with the windows opening when the door is locked…

  4. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with VW, my Mom’s 10 year old Polo has been a great little car.

    I have a Seat Ibiza (A Polo underneath) which has also been superb. Only had a couple of minor warranty issues, which was nothing to put me off. The only thing that does let the Seat brand down is the Dealership network, especially around here.

    Maybe also worth checking Skoda out, as they alway’s seem to come up trumps in the survey’s. Also a couple of friend rate them highly.

    Whatever you do steer clear of Fiat’s, I had a Punto which needed a new engine after 800 miles on the clock.

  5. Well, I ended up buying a Ford. Picked it up yesterday, and I’m still getting used to it (drives very differently – much more responsive than the Pug, and the steering is much more “precise” feeling)

    Haven’t had much time driving it – basically back from the garage, and into work this morning…

  6. well my current car is still the peug 605 sve 24v.
    i have had this car for the last ten years without any mechanical or electrical problems apart from the usual wear and tear.

    its just a matter of luck. i think peugeot makes great cars dont you.

  7. William M – old Pugs are indeed excellent cars – the one’s that predate the Multiplex Wiring system – are indeed solid, reliable cars – I know many people driving older Pugs who are very happy with them. It’s the new ones that are trouble as the electrics are now so intertwined that even the mechanics at the dealers don’t understand how one faulty component can cause a symptom in a seemingly completely unrelated system.

  8. hii am from Egypt and i was thinking of buying a new 307 model (2007).. can any one tell me if the problems u r all talking about exists in this model or is it common in all of the new 307.

  9. M.Salem

    I can only speak for my 307 – however my research on the net suggests that problems with them are commonplace. I would not advise you to buy one of those cars.

  10. Peugeot should just stick to small cars. As soon as it gets more complicated than a 206, they run into problems. All the Company’s flashy tv marketing suggests happening, sophisticated vehicles. In reality, this is not the case. In my experience, stay clear of French cars altogether.

  11. DONT touch a 307 with a bargepole ..bought mine secondhand from a dealer with 29000 on the clock ;;have had it 2 years npw has 42000 on it …its the 2.0 litre turbo d hdi…nothing but a pig in a poke.. peugeot customer service is a joke…the car has cost me a small fortune in repairs..anti pollution faults all over the place ..door mirrors with a mind of there own..warnings and limp mode commonplace..spares are a ridiculous price (they think of a number ..double it ..then add on some more ..BE WARNED…THESE 307s ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!…PEUGEOT SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES…THESE CARS ARE ABSOLUTE SXXTE…..

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