Roof Trouble

Unfortunately, my house suffered some minor damage in the storms this week… a tile fell off the ridge of the roof, smashed into the garden fence, then hit the ground and cracked into 3 pieces.

So now I have to get a professional in to climb up on top of the house and cement a new ridge tile on, and do a DIY repair on a fence panel (should be pretty easy, a couple of bits of wood and some nails are all that’s required there…)

However it would be the only fence panel in my garden which is behind a flower bed rather than alongside the paved area or lawn… I can see myself getting very muddy doing this job 😦


4 thoughts on “Roof Trouble

  1. I hope you have better luck than me…

    I had some damage during the storms at the beginning of December. There’s something wrong with the chimney stack – when it rains water drips down onto the plasterboard covering the top of the fireplace. It’s now collecting in puddles and soaking through the board and dripping onto the hearth and round the edges of the board and creating sooty streaks down the sides of the fireplace. I’ve also got 2 slates off the roof. I’ve been trying to get builders to fix it, either they say they’ll ring me back to arrange a time to come (and I never hear back from them), or they say they’ll come one day the next week (they never come), one came out and said they’d get back to me with a quote, but that was 4 weeks ago. I’m currently in conversation with the 5th builder I’ve contacted.

    If builders weren’t so much in demand they’d go out of business due to their “customer service” levels.

    I’d even contacted my insurance company’s “Emergency Helpline” which finds a suitable tradesman in an emergency. After a couple of days they rang me back to say they couldn’t find anyone in my area to come out immediately so they’re not considering it an emergency any more and are cancelling the call. So I asked if they could find someone anyway as I’m having difficulty, even if they couldn’t come out immediately, and they said no they can only help to get someone out in an emergency and since they can’t find anyone to come out immediately they can’t help!

    I’ve had wire fencing down and guttering come loose too, but I’ve managed to Do That Myself!

    BTW if you saw on the BBC news last Thursday (both national news and Welsh) about an end-terrace cottage having its roof and chimney blown off, that was about three quarters of a mile down the road from me! My electric was off that day – in fact that was the fourth power cut since the beginning of December with a total of 38 hours off (including 15 hours New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day).

  2. No – but my electric was off for 12 hours! Just come back on now. That’s the 5th time now, a total of 50 hours. Lots of branches all over the place. My neighbour’s phone line was found lying across the field. And my DIY repair to the fence didn’t last long…

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