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This is a great idea – but doesn’t go far enough – such driving assessments should be made compulsory.

Cars have to be checked that they are up to the required standards for use on British roads every year (once they reach 3 years old), so why not have a similar assessment for drivers – say every 5 years, every driver has to have certain aspects of their driving assessed – most importantly, their eyesight, and their ability to perform simple motoring manoeuvres without endangering other people – you know, things like roundabouts, traffic lights, using indicators, correct motorway lane discipline, using mobile phones, and so on…


5 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. Hi all

    I have been driving for a short amount of time and am amazed by some of the people on the road.

    I have been cut up to the point I have to slam on my breaks on.
    Had aggressive people nearly in my boot giving me very rude signs.
    People tale gating me to the point where it is scary as in driving rain and difficult conditions.
    People go into the right lane at traffic lights to filter for a right hand turn and speed it past me at about 80 in a 40 zone and over take cutting me up while they do it.

    Then you end up behind these people again when they reach a traffic signal so they have endangered my life and other road uses and got no where any faster!

    This scheme should be encouraged all over the country but be compulsory.

  2. I have been on the roads for over 5 years, but only one as a driver of a car. There are some complete idiots out there on the roads and it’s getting more and more common, people who drive too close to me is my bugbear (everyone has one), but I’m safe in the knowlege that if they hit me its 100% their fault.

    I’m not sure a regular test every few years would be the best idea but I agree that older folk should have to prove they are capable of driving when they hit retirement age.

  3. Of course, the latest trend of staged accidents and the following “personal injury” claims are a simple matter of the current state of our more and more Americanised “I’m gonna sue you” legal system.

  4. I’ll never forget the time my grandad drove us back from a wedding – he drove over the grounds of the hotel – couldn’t tell what was the path, and what was the grass!

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