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Worst Movies Ever…

A survey has been conducted recently to get people to vote for the worst movie ever – and the winners are a bit debateable:

  1. Spice World The Movie
  2. Titanic
  3. Grease 2
  4. Waterworld
  5. Hostel
  6. Anaconda
  7. Batman & Robin
  8. Gigli
  9. Catwoman
  10. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

I think the most notable ommision is the truely horrific Borat. Other notable contenders include Final Destination 3 (simply for the fact that the entire plot of the film is based on a continuity error in the opening sequence – let alone the technical inaccuracies in said sequence) and a swathe of copycat, CGI kids animated movies about animals escaping from the zoo/farm/woodland and ending up in Madagascar, The Wild, or Over The Hedge.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

(from the Register)


10 thoughts on “Worst Movies Ever…

  1. Keeping the faith – It’s the only movie I have ever walked out of as it moved about as fast as a snail and bored me to tears. I actually liked titanic!

  2. It is difficult to vote and get a definite list of the worst movies.
    As we are all different and different films appeal to different people. As in Borat I have heard nothing but praise but found it unoriginal and dull to say the least.
    I have just watched Rocky Horror Show and loved it while other people I know detest it!

    Matrix 2 and 3 I know I have had two films but are equally as bad if not 3 was worse. I managed to watch 2 and nearly bore my eyes out while 3 I watched for 30 mins before I threw the DVD to a burning end!
    Was such a shame as I really enjoyed 1.

  3. Andy – I’m with you there on the two Matrix sequels – nothing but a cash-in on a surprising success…

  4. I’m going to disagree with some of the suggested choices.

    I liked Mortal Kombat, and have the DVD and soundtrack I liked it that much. I also know most of the words off by heart to Grease 2, it was a huge film at our school. I’m also one of the people that loved Borat, I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long long time.

    My choices would be include
    Independence Day
    The Core
    Anything with Kevin Costner

  5. Hooray! I’m so glad Titanic is in there. I hate that movie with such a passion. If it were enitrely fictional, it would just be a piece of disposable Hollywood drivel, but to use a REAL disaster???? That’s really vomit-inducing!

  6. This is the worst ‘worst movies’ list i have ever seen. Some of the movies like Spice World and Gigli deserve to be on the list but not Anaconda and Titanic and especially not Borat. There are worse movies like ‘RV’, ‘Running with Scissors’, ‘Little Man’ and ‘Click’

  7. 1. Gigli [Have you ever seeeeen it?]
    2. Titanic [Okay Yeah, I admit it. I cheered when he died.]
    3. Grease 2 [ick]
    4. Waterworld {Kevin Costner with Gills!}
    5. Passion of the Christ [Beyond the S&M fantasy, most anti-climactic movie of all time!]
    6. Battle Field Earth [::shudder::]
    7. Solaris [When I got done watching it, I was shocked it was over because I kept waiting for the plot]
    8. Ultraviolet [Just. bad.]
    9. Facing the Giants [I felt less religious afterwords]
    10. Kazzam!

  8. Are you people insane? Of all the many films that have come out in the last hundred years, these are the films you pick??

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