The Death of Reality TV?

After all the apparent hoo-ha over a TV show (“Celebrity Big Brother”) and alleged racist comments made by one of the so-called “Celebrities” – the UK’s bookmakers have apparently slashed the odds they’re offering to people willing to bet whether there’ll even be another series.

One UK bookmaker is now offering odds of 3-1 that no further series will be commissioned and 6-1 that there will be no more series of the non-celebrity version.

Surely though if Channel 4 do decide not to produce another series of either CBB or BB, everyone wins, especially if this marks the beginning of the end of “reality” and “celebrity” TV shows featuring people you’ve never heard of, or whose claim to “celebrity” is dubious at best…

Maybe the UK’s TV companies can stop producing this tat and get back to the days of quality drama and comedy shows…


9 thoughts on “The Death of Reality TV?

  1. I read this news story as well (not like anyone could miss it). AOL did a poll and as of this morning, something like 62% were for scrapping Big Brother, 30% nay and the rest were either too stupid to form an opinion or have very cleverly avoided the whole nonsense and had no idea what the poll was about.

    I say the show should be stopped, never repeated and others (Jungle, Shipwrecked etc…) should follow suit.

    The only problem with stopping such shows as these will be the sudden unemployemt of Davina whats-her-face, and Ant&Dec. Oh, wait, that isn’t a problem actually, is it!?

  2. There are a few people in this little UK that enjoy watching reality TV, and to kill off one of the most successful TV program formats of all time because of some stupid idiot who is too dumb to realise what she is saying is going a step too far IMHO.

    It seems the people who have always hated the reality TV genre since inception now have a reason to exploit to get rid of it from our screens, it’s only taken 7 years for the mistake to be made and in a parallel to the latest BB story, it’s being picked up on and used by people to get their own ways.

    If only we kicked up so much of a stink about the REAL problems of reality, like the racism that happens day-in and day out in every town and city in the UK, oh and while this whole media frenzy was being blown out of proprtion we had the worst storms in 17 years in which 9 people died, I didn’t see many frontpage headlines about that.

  3. Indeed Tom, we had people dying in the storms, and yet the “news” was focused on CBB… I think the format is tired now, and there’s too much “reality” TV distracting people from, well, reality.

  4. Tom B does make a good point – people are dying all over the world for no good reason. Unfortunately, I do not control the front page of the daily newspapers (nor do I control the world), otherwise I would be reporting/fixing the real news – not some trashy TV show that couldn’t be as far from news even if it tried. But unfortunately the powers that be have decided CBB is newsworthy. I completely agree that people should tackle the racism that happens in our cities every minute of every day. But this isn’t an argument about racism.

    I proabbly didn’t didn’t make it clear in my initial response (for that I apologise) but I did not say what I said because of the recent media blow up. If my post on my site is read, it states that I didn’t read any article (other than the one highlighted, and only as I posted it). I really don’t watch or read about BB or CBB because I have no interest in it. I’m not using this recent incident as an excuse to call for the axing of the show, I’ve been saying it is a waste of funds since it was launched. Of course, it isn’t my funds, so who am I to speak? I just find the show boring and distasteful. And that was my opinion before the recent allegations of racism!

    And I must say, if somebody is allowed to broadcast themselves into just about any home in the country, they should be knowledgable enough to be careful what they say. To suggest that Jade is “too dumb to realise what she is saying” is not an excuse, especially when the woman is considered by many as a role model and probably has a fair degree of influence over many young and impressionable children who watch the show.

    Wanna tackle racism? Start with teaching tomorrows generation, just as my folks did, and their folks did…

  5. I do completely agree with Tom B’s final paragraph by the way (in case my last comment sounds a little too strong) – I wish people would kick up a stink about the real problems facing this country, in particular racism, poverty and the degradation of the environment.

  6. Oliver, Your comments weren’t too strong at all like me you are expressing your opinion and I respect what you have to say, the same goes for Tom M and Chris.

    David cameron (and this is about the only sensible thing he has said…ever) summed it up bes. He said there was “a great regulator called the off button”.

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