Ice, Ice, Baby

Thanks to my sister, her b/f, and a couple of their friends – today I saw my first “live” game of Ice Hockey. Local Elite league team the Cardiff Devils were soundly beaten 4-1 by current league leaders Coventry Blaze.

However it took me a while to “pick up” the rules and the way the game was played – partly due to the speed of the whole thing – when the players are hurtling around the playing area at a fair speed, combined with the rapid substitutions and players being “sin binned” for penalty offences (which seemed to leave one or other team short handed for most of the time) just keeping up with the play can be a challenge!

However it was a good evening out, and made a change from my usual Saturday night fair – usually either a cinema visit or watching a DVD at home.

Edit – corrected name of the Coventry team – thanks Dave for pointing that out


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