Musical Musings (V-Day/S.A.D. Post)

Well, looking at the site logs, it’s clear that people are already searching for things to do for Singles Awareness Day (also known as Valentines day to those people who are not so “romantically challenged”)

In past years, I’ve covered a fair bit about the history of Valentines, some gift suggestions from major on-line retailers, including music players, mobile phones, blank DVDs and the like…

Last year of course was the suggestion of “things to do if you’re single on V-Day

This year, I’m not going to reiterate things I’ve covered before (for those, see the category archive) – I’m just going to mention a few quotes from songs – which I think sum up my situation…

Everybody needs somebody to love (from The Blues Brothers)
Lonely, I am so Lonely, I have nobody, to call my own (Akon)

Hmmm… seems to be a fairly short list of songs written to express the misery of being single… in contrast to the vast number written about being in a relationship – but I’m not going to forgot this from 2005

Sometimes it seems that everybody has somebody to love, except for me… oh well, here’s to another quiet 14th Feb…