Vista – why so expensive?

Much has been said recently about Microsoft’s new OS – Windows Vista, however why is it so expensive over here in the UK – in the USA (from the upgrade edition to Vista Home Premium is $153 with free shipping (around £78 at todays exchange rate, but they won’t ship it to the UK) however to buy the same package over here from Amazon’s UK site, costs £135 ( an astonishing £57 more for exactly the same thing.

Why is Vista Upgrade around 75% more expensive in the UK than in the US? Microsoft wonder why people pirate their OS’s – with this kind of pricing imbalance, I’m not surprised.

I know if I shopped around, I could probably find that upgrade package cheaper in the UK – but not by much… and major retail stores are pretty much charging “dollar for pound” conversions – a well known computer retail chain in the UK is selling the package for £150!


8 thoughts on “Vista – why so expensive?

  1. Maybe because they know they can get away with it in the UK because people will just accept it. A bit like Sky – £10 per month to enable the recording mechanism of your recorder, £10 per month to watch a limited number of HD channels, £10 per month to watch in a another room…erm, if people actually stopped to think about it they’d realise what a rip-off this is.

    I sometimes wish I could just broadcast a message to everyone to say don’t be such an easy target! Let’s just hold back for 6 months on Vista (probably sensible anyway!). If they don’t sell any, then you can be sure the price will come down.

  2. you’ll find almost all software companies do this. adobe products are the same, except they charge $999 in the US and £999 in the UK. it’s almost cheaper to fly out and buy a copy.

  3. Interestingly, we buy from a well known manufacturer at trade price, and there is no difference in price between XP Professional and Vista Business on new machines. Would that be the same in the UK?

  4. well as far as i see it what is the point in paying over £100 for something that is going to become near off obselte in a year or two time and for something that will run certain programs its just barbaric that people are actually stupid enough to pay out so much for something so… basic… i just don’t see the point in out of control pricing….
    no wonder bill gates is so rich especially if thats the price he’s charging for a system base

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