Vista – why so expensive?

Much has been said recently about Microsoft’s new OS – Windows Vista, however why is it so expensive over here in the UK – in the USA (from the upgrade edition to Vista Home Premium is $153 with free shipping (around £78 at todays exchange rate, but they won’t ship it to the UK) however to buy the same package over here from Amazon’s UK site, costs £135 ( an astonishing £57 more for exactly the same thing.

Why is Vista Upgrade around 75% more expensive in the UK than in the US? Microsoft wonder why people pirate their OS’s – with this kind of pricing imbalance, I’m not surprised.

I know if I shopped around, I could probably find that upgrade package cheaper in the UK – but not by much… and major retail stores are pretty much charging “dollar for pound” conversions – a well known computer retail chain in the UK is selling the package for £150!