V-0 2007

It’s no good thinking you’re going to get away with bringing home a box of Milk Tray from the local garage this Valentine’s Day. Here are some sites that will make you look like you’ve put some thought into your present.


It’s this kind of reporting that adds pressure to the increasingly “Christmas like” – Singles Awareness Day sorry, I mean “St Valentines Day”- the day where couples the world over celebrate not being single by showering each other in expensive, pointless and completely unnecessary gifts… while all the single people just try to ignore the total overloading of pink stuff which replaced all the plastic snowmen in the shops a few weeks ago, and will thankfully soon make way for acres of overpriced chocolate eggs…

Now, why do the media/shopkeepers of the UK (and no doubt it’s the same in other countries where this pointless “holiday” is celebrated) force you to show your feelings for that special someone in your life on one particular date, and as a result use the rules of economic supply and demand to charge far more for the same stuff – especially if it’s limited like tables in small restaurants…

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, you should be expressing those feelings on any date in the calendar – why do you all think that February 14th is somehow more romantic than any other Wednesday? Please explain why you do what you do on that date – and please don’t just say “because society expects it”.

Edit: Post title changed due to comments made that maybe it was a bit too dramatic…


4 thoughts on “V-0 2007

  1. Because it is another day that shop keepers, retail outlets and card manufacturers can make money.
    Look at the grandmother day, grandfather day they tried to bring out. You can even get Happy Halloween cards! They sell it so much that people get forced into the whole affair and they make $$$.

    Me and my partner are not into it at all and believe that showing this on one day a year is not the point of being together in the first place!

    Valentines day SUX!

  2. Valentine’s Day? Yuk, yuk, yuk.
    This year I am home alone, probably watching the repeat of Top Gear.
    My other half will be with his friends podcasting, probably.
    Doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.
    And why does everything have to be pink? Pink is just hideous.

  3. Well, if you listen to the radio today, no matter which station you’re listening to, you can’t escape it…

    Thank goodness for the iPod…

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