Pledge to drive safely

Brake is the UK’s road safety charity – they’re currently campaigning for things that I think are important, including lower speed limits in residential areas and increasing the number of police looking for bad drivers on the roads.

I’ve signed up to their Pledge to drive safely with the twelve item pledge list.

* Belt Up – front and back and ensure children are correctly restrained
* Slow Up – abide by limits and only overtake if totally safe
* Wake Up – never drive tired and take breaks every two hours on long journeys
* Sober Up – ‘just say no’ to alcohol and drugs if driving
* Look Up – look out for people on bikes, horses and foot
* Wise Up – if it’s night, bright, or bad weather, go slower
* Buck Up – calm yourself before driving if stressed, angry or excited
* Move Up – adjust head restraints so the top is no lower than the top of your head to help prevent whiplash
* Sharpen Up – wear glasses or lenses if you need them
* Shut Up – switch your phone to voicemail
* Back Up – from the vehicle in front – it’s your braking space in a crisis
* Check Up – check brakes, tyres, lights mirrors and windows

There are 2 more lines which I think BRAKE should add:
* Light Up – Use your lights and indicators appropriately – turning off lights that aren’t appropriate too (like front-facing fog lights)
* Line Up – Be in the correct lane for the road, conditions, and the manoeuvre you’re planning to make.