Time to switch to sky?

After the problems I had a couple of years ago (also see here and here) with NTL and their awful customer service, now there’s a row going on between the newly rebranded Virgin Media and the stalwart of pay-tv in the UK – British Sky Broadcasting.

Basically, Sky want more Virgin to pay more to keep showing what they call the “basic Sky package” – including Sky One – home of first-showings of The Simpsons, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and many others.

I for one will be following the channels – if Virgin fail to strike a deal with Sky, and those channels cease to be transmitted, I’ll have the cable box removed and a shiny new Sky system installed. I’ve already checked, and it won’t cost me any more either, with a free box and free installation to boot – I’ll keep Virgin for Broadband and Phone services, but the TV will come through a dish.