Sky and Virgin behaving like Children

With all the hoo-haa about Sky One on Cable at the moment, both sides are escalating their side of this battle, but doing so with a propaganda campaign by manipulating the customer – Sky’s latest “press release” is trying to make out that the breakdown in talks is Virgin’s fault, Virgin have retaliated by emailing customers this message.

Come on guys – stop behaving like spoiled children and do something to help your customers – end the uncertainty and tell us either that “we’ve agreed carriage terms for Sky” or “As of a certain date, Sky’s basic channels will no longer be available on Virgin” – then we can, as customers, make an informed decision about where to take our business.


I’ve just spoken to Virgin and the operator confirmed to me that the deal has fallen through… shame really, as my response was to cancel my TV subscription from them. Now I’m on the lookout for a decent Sky offer.