Blatent Content Extraction…

Note the pingback on the previous post (the one about Vista).

That pingback appears to be from a (quite badly) set up WordPress blog with a plugin to rip content via RSS from other sites. Notably it stripped out the link to “previous post”. Unusually for these ripper sites, there is no advertising (yet), however there is also no indication of the purpose of the site, nor the identity of it’s owner.

It’s also clearly designed to only show the first part of a post, to remove any copyright messages that appear – so the RSS feed for this site now has the copyright message at the top of each post, rather than at the end.

Apologies to those of you who read the site via RSS…


One thought on “Blatent Content Extraction…

  1. Welcome to the club! It has been so bad for me recently that I’m close to giving up trying to control my F1 content. It seems a new site crops up each week that lifts my hard-worked posts. In fact, another one just appeared in a post I made this morning.

    How did you get the Copyright message at the top of the feed – did you fiddle with the plugin?

    Good luck!

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