A reminder – comment policy

Just a friendly reminder (as I’ve deleted a number of comments recently)  – I have standards for the comments left on this site – and a policy of the types of writing and punctuation I will not accept.

Please read my Comment Policy before commenting (it’s linked from every comment form), however the highlights of it are:

  • Proper spelling and punctuation are expected – for example, it’s “because” not “cuz”, I’m is a contraction of “I am” and hence has an apostrophe.
  • Spell checkers are available for Firefox, so users of that browser have no excuse at all.
  • Excessive exclamation marks are unnecessary.
  • Smilies are available for comments, and common strings will be converted automatically – 🙂
  • You are not writing a text message.  You are not limited to 160 characters.  Feel free to write words like “you”, “are” and “later” without resorting to “text speak”

Of course, this is all applied at my discretion, but if your comment breaks several of these rules, expect it to be deleted.  Minor breaches are likely to be overlooked, especially for “regular” visitors, or folks posting from non-English speaking countries.


2 thoughts on “A reminder – comment policy

  1. I’m sure I have been a bit guilty of violating some of theese rules, my bad. Oh, is it odd I could swear he title of this post was “comdement policy”. I really should get new glasses.

  2. Tom, don’t worry – it takes a single comment breaking several rules to warrant a deletion… yours are generally OK.

    Maybe I should have a condiment policy – something like “Ketchup not included” would probably suffice…

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