Another Day, another problem.

Broken Tile

Today I was out in the garden, just finishing off mowing the lawn, when I look back at the house to see this. Yes, a broken roof tile.

So I go through the yellow pages, find a roofer who’s answering the phone on a bank-holiday, and ask for him to take a look.

Half an hour (!) later he’s looking at it – he’s as baffled as me as to how it happened – but it’s clear it’s not an easy thing to replace – a 4ft square section of tiles has to be lifted to patch the felt underneath.

The big question is how did it happen – and it’s a question I’ll need to answer if the insurance is going to pay out. There’s been no storms, there’s nothing that could have fallen on it – but without a clear identifable cause, I’ll have to foot the bill out of my own pocket.

Plus I’ll have to take another day off work…