First Impressions

Why do companies and tradesmen not realise that when someone phones you up having gotten your number from the Yellow Pages, it is their opportunity to make a good first impression.

Saying “we’ll get someone out to estimate later today” is excellent. Actually turning up is even better.

Not turning up is forgivable if you call me and tell me, rather than waiting for me to call you and ask “where are you?”

Not lying would be better still – only say things like “we’ll be there in half an hour” if you actually intend to turn up.

If I’m having these kind of problems getting you to come out and give an estimate, why should I employ you to do the work, if your attitude to the work once you’ve got it is anything like your attitude towards potential customers…

First Impressions count. Bad first impressions will leave you less likely to get the work. Manners cost nothing and count for a lot.