Well, the roof is fixed. The work entailed lifted a few tiles to “release” the broken one, patching the felt underneath and replacing the tiles, I had two quotes…

One was £360, The other was less. A lot less.

Having called me back (see the previous post – a lot of companies didn’t bother) he then turned up on time to do the estimate (which was £50), and he came back a few hours later to do the work – which took about 15 minutes to complete.

There was no sign of any cause – all I can think of it that when I lost the ridge tile back in the winter storms – it “clipped” this tile on the way down, and recently the tile fully broke. Fortunately I don’t need to claim on my insurance either 🙂

So to sum up – if you’re in the Cardiff area and looking for a Roofing contractor – I recommend calling Red Star Roofing.