I claim “first spot” for 2007

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but had forgotten until now…

I was in my local shopping centre over Easter Weekend, and noticed that Millies Cookies had out for sales their “Christmas Cookies” – I enquired why they were Christmas cookies, and why they were being sold at Easter…

Apparently they contain the same stuff used to fill that staple of Christmas confectionary – mince pie.  As for why they were being sold at Easter, she didn’t know…

Is that some kind of record – selling Christmas stuff before Easter Sunday?


3 thoughts on “I claim “first spot” for 2007

  1. Mmmm, Millies…

    Yeah, it is a tad early to say the least! I get the whole ‘selling off Christmas stock in January’, but surely cookies are baked pretty much as and when?

    Being in the ‘Fresh Food Service’ industry myself, I don’t understand how Millies can really consider selling Christmas cookies at Easter, to be honest. If we get a stupid seasonal product in, it remains, quite firmly, in the stupid seasonal time. Not before and not after. And if I had my way, not ever.

    And now I’ve thought about it, mince pie type filling in a cookie? Ugh! (Sorry, I dislike Mince Pies, Christmas Cake etc… (It’s a genuine distaste, just like cheese…))

  2. Yeah, a mince-pie cookie didn’t appeal to me either… especially as there are such things as “Easter Biscuits”.

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